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I was a client of Tammy’s for several years. During this time Tammy helped me realize my goal of getting in shape for my wedding day.

She is an excellent, well rounded and knowledgeable trainer who knows when to take it easy, when to be tough and when to not say a word about the weigh in after a weekend!  Tammy knew exactly how to balance the mental struggle that comes with working in the beginning with simple truths and encouragement.  Her facilities were world class from the bottle of water and sweat towel right down to the personalised air con temperatures!

I’ve always maintained Tam has “ruined” me for other trainers as no one has ever lived up to her standards!  It was a great loss when she left South Africa but a tremendous gain to which ever client gets her. 

Ashleigh Robertson

Testimonials: Testimonial

I started training with Tammy in 2011 until she moved to the UK in 2016. My doctor recommended that I train with her.  Tammy is extremely professional and exceptionally good at her job.  Every training session was planned and well thought through.  Her easy going, friendly personality created a comfortable atmosphere for training.

Every individualised session had challenging routines that were achievable. Her sessions included a perfect combination of diverse training methods such as cross fit, HIIT, weights, pilates and cardio. She provided me with an exercise worksheet at each session which included the routines and images of the exercise (I still use these to train currently).  Tammy monitored my weight, eating plan and exercise goals and always kept me motivated.  She also placed high value on correct form with each exercise.  

It was an absolute pleasure training with Tammy. Her training philosophy has always been to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable.  She far exceeded my expectations of a personal trainer and has set very high standards for other personal trainers.

Nerona Ramkissoon

Testimonials: Testimonial

Tammy is highly professional, disciplined and thorough, combined with compassion, kindness and limitless understanding. Necessary when I wanted to give up!

She helped me reach my goals through the ups and downs of my pregnancy training, early motherhood training and keeping in shape once I’d achieved my goal. She is the perfect mix of everything a personal trainer should be!

Sheridan Royal

Testimonials: Testimonial

Tammy was my personal trainer for five years when she still lived in Johannesburg. I trained with her three times a week and I recommend her very highly.

Every session was different and enjoyable and very professional. I became very fit working out with her and I was very sad when she left the country. As well as being a wonderful trainer Tammy is also a fabulous person and we became great friends over the years. I wish her every success in her new venture and only wish I could still train with her. 

Jenny McCafferty

Testimonials: Testimonial
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